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Canadian Phone Numbers For The Magic Jack

Magic Jack now offers Canadian Phone Numbers !!!! This is awesome news. Many of us Canadian’s have been waiting for this FOREVER !!! And IT’S FINALLY HERE !!!!!!!

I Have Three Magic Jack Canada Numbers




Did you know that when i travel to the USA, My friends and family can call my local BC number and we both don’t pay a penny in long distance. Yes Unlimited Calling ! By the way did you know it really is as simple as plugging in the one small Magic Jack unit into your computer or laptop and away you go calling.

AREA CODES – UPDATED (This Year 2012)

Status Province City Code
Available AB Calgary 403
Available AB Edmonton 780
Available BC N Vancouver 604
Available BC New Westminster 604
Available BC Richmond 604
Available BC Vancouver 604
Available BC Vancouver 778
Available BC Victoria 250
Available BC W Vancouver 604
Available MB Winnipeg 204
Available NL St. Johns 709
Available NS Halifax 902
Available ON Barrie 705
Available ON Brampton 289
Available ON Brantford 519
Available ON Burlington 289
Available ON Cooksville 289
Available ON Hamilton 905
Available ON Kitchener Waterloo 226
Available ON London 226
Available ON Maple 289
Available ON Markham 289
Available ON Newmarket 289
Available ON Niagara Falls 289
Available ON Oakville 289
Available ON Orillia 705
Available ON Ottawa 613
Available ON Peterborough 705
Available ON Richmond Hill 289
Available ON Streetsville 289
Available ON Sudbury 705
Available ON Toronto 647
Available ON Windsor 519
Available ON Woodbridge 289
Available QC Hull 819
Available QC La Prairie 450
Available QC Laval-Est 450
Available QC Laval-Ouest 450
Available QC Montreal 514
Available QC Pointe-Claire 514
Available QC Quebec City 418
Available QC Sherbrooke 819
Available QC Trois-Rivieres 819


Magic Jack is currently working on expanding into every city in Canada. At the rate they are going it looks as thou they will be in every Canadian city within the next few Years or Less ! ! ! 

Magic Jack Phone line

I was paying over $40/month on my home phone line and now i only pay $29/YEAR !!! That’s Right, A YEAR ! Canadians Pay $10/year for a Canadian Number + $19/year for the Magic Jack Service. Oh and might i add, The first year Magic Jack doesn’t charge you the $19 for your first year of service, meaning you only pay $10.

Magic Jack Explanation

For those of you who are not familiar with the Magic Jack, it is a little unit that plugs into your laptop or home computer which allows you to call and receive unlimited phone calls absolutely free from USA or Canada. You simply take your phone cord from any regular home phone and connect it to the magic jack unit and away you go.

Listen up as this is 100% Free and many people don’t even know that the Magic Jack can do this ……. Lets say you activate your Magic Jack in Canada and you choose a local phone number in BC …. that local BC number that you selected is attached to your Magic Jack Unit. How does this benefit you ??? Well if you travel to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD !!!!! ANYWHERE !!!!! where there is internet, you simply plug your Magic Jack in your computer and anyone in BC that calls your local BC number will not get charged any long distance charges nor will you !! !! HA HA HA HA That is amazing, You don’t pay a penny in long distance nor do they and you can talk as long as you want !!!

I have been in the USA for the last few years and i have a local Alberta number. Guess what all my friends and family never pay long distance charges because they are calling a local Edmonton number and my Magic jack Phone Rings here in the USA !!! I love it !

Magic Jack Sound Quality ?

Amazing !!! you will be absolutely blown away to know how clear the sound is on it. If you are downloading heavily then you may have to pause your download because it will be eating into your bandwidth, unless you have Huge bandwidth. 

How Much Does it Cost ?

The Canadian Phone Number Prices are different then the USA Phone numbers. Don’t be alarmed it is pennies more. To register a Canadian Number you only pay $10/year to have a Canadian Number. Keep in mind you still have to purchase the Unit for $39.99, which includes one FULL year of FREE Unlimited Calling !!! It is Very inexpensive. Years there after are s dirt cheap as well. Last time i checked it was something like $69 for like 5 to 6 years of service Yes this is real and yes there are millions of people using using it !!!

Many parents buy these Magic Jacks to give to their kids when they are off to college or to work over seas so that they can call them where ever they are and no one incurs a long distance fee !!!

So all in all, take it from a guy who has been using the Magic Jack for several years now !!! Get it because it is extremely inexpensive for what you get. Besides i have three Magic Jacks with 3 different phone numbers all forwarded to my Cell Phone for business purposes. Guess how much that costs me ???? NOTHING !!! its included free as well..

Try it for yourself and please feel free to Post comments or questions !!!!

This is simply a Magic Jack review site. 

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