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Initial Setup


The initial setup is not hard at all. The initial setup will take an estimated 20-45  minutes depending on how fast you click through. The last time i recall calling my phone company to get a home phone line put in it took days before the technician can come over to install it, and i had to wait forever on hold until i can talk to a live person. With the magic jack they do not do any credit checks or anything. The simple to use step by step installation features they have in place makes your initial setup a breeze.

When setting up your magic jack you will have to give them your name and address. So far i have never got any solicit mail from them whats so ever and i really don’t see it happening at all. The will ask you for your address to be put on file for 911 emergencies in the case you need to call 911. During the initial setup you will have the option to choose a vanity number. This is neat for businesses or people wanting to pick there last 4 digits of there magic jack Canada phone number. 

A lot of people asked me after the initial setup how long it is until i can start making calls ? well the answer to that is Right away !!! All of my magic jack units i purchased all worked right after the initial setup. If you have no experience with computers what so ever, your in luck with the setup process because they made it extremely user friendly. As a matter of fact, i made my mother setup her own to test and see if this were true and sure enough yes it was 🙂 She does not use a computer nor has she in the past .

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