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Mac Compatible

Is the Magicjack service compatible with mac? The answer to this is YES !! The neat part about the magicjack service on mac is it is plug and play just like the PC version. The setup process automatically downloads the update when you plug it into the computer. Again always remember in order for your magicjack service to work you must have access to the internet. If you are using a  Mac Mini , make sure you do not use the USB port on the keyboard. Instead the actual magicjack service needs to be plugged into an available port on your computer or a powered usb hub.

The magicjack service is currently compatible with the following mac operating systems. 

Supported OS List

1. Tiger 10.4.10 (with kernel 8.10.3 or higher)

2. Tiger 10.4.11 and higher

3. Leopard 10.5.2 and higher

People normally ask me if there is any extra charge to have a Magic Jack for Mac. No, the unit itself is actually the exact same unit for PC or Mac. As for the magicjack service, there is no extra charge as well for the actual service itself.

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