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Magic Jack Features

The Magic Jack is packed with features of the price you pay. The voicemail feature is one of my favorites. Whenever I get a voicemail the actual recording gets sent directly to my email. This Feature is Included FREE !

Another feature I use a lot is call forwarding. This is extremely important for my magic jack business line. When I leave my office I always forward the number to my cell phone. I searched everywhere and found that all the other phone companies out there all charge per the minute for call forwarding. Guess what with the magic jack I don’t pay a dime to forward all my calls from my magic jack number to my cell phone. This Feature is Included FREE !
Built in Software. If you do not have an actual phone, you can use the built in software to your magic jack unit that will use your computer / laptop’s microphone and speakers. I use this a lot when i travel. This Feature is Included FREE !

Change your phone number. Ladies, that man still in love with you and you want to change your number ??? Or how about the men out there, have that ex girlfriend that won’t leave you alone??? 🙂 well for a small fee magic jack lets you change your number to a completely new one. The fee is very in expensive. I had to do this once and I paid $10. 

Call Waiting. If you are on the phone with someone and another person calls you, simply press the flash button to link over to the other line. This Feature is Included FREE !

Caller Id. Now this is something to where I hope they upgrade their services to. With the caller id it will only show the caller’s phone number, not the actual name. This Feature is Included FREE!
All in all for an initial cost of $39.99 for the unit, $10/year for a Canadian Number, and $19.99 per year for the service, it still is a no brainer to me why I have 3 of these units.

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