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Magic Jack – Latest technology to save money through internet phone

Magic Jack is a device that provide the facility to have unlimited communication through any phone in the United States and Canada. It is just a simple device that needs to be connected into USB port of the computer. The standard phone jack allows you to connect any phone with it. This device is every easy to use with the help of which you can make infinite phone calls over the internet. The superb design, beneficial features as well as attractive schemes has made this PC based device a popular among the people.

Dan Borislow, the inventor of magic jack, is also the founder of YMax, a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) certified Telecom Company. The device also offers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service along with various other amazing features that has increased its demand in the business industry. Small or large business owners prefer to use magic jack to ease their business tasks. It allows them to easily communicate with their clients or partners in the other countries. The device not only save their time and money but also enable them to concentrate on their business activities with the great effort. The device is considered as the best way to keep in touch with the other members of the company at another location.

The wide range of features that make it more popular includes low cost phone call charges, free voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, directory assistance and no monthly bills. 

History of Magic Jack

The first magic jack was introduced in 2007. At that time, it was a USB device that requires the software in order to enjoy telephone calls with the help of internet. You need to have high speed internet connection and SLIC (Subscriber Line Interface Circuit) that made you able to connect usual telephone directly into the device. In that year the cost of the device was around $40 and company also provided free service for the first year. But after first year, customer had to pay $20 every year to access its service.

The company also introduced the advanced version of magic jack in 2011 which was named as Magic Jack Plus. Unlike the previous model of magic jack, the new model does not require a computer to take pleasure of free phone calls to US and Canada. The product connects with the Ethernet port while the standard phone jack is used to connect phone to the device with the help of power outlet. The price of the new product was $70 and it also provides free calling service to customers for the time span of 1 year. After year, it costs $30 every year for the service. 

How does it work?

Magic jack let the users to make phone calls with the help of internet at the very low rates. Now more and more people are opting to use this device to make their work more simple and easy. But only few of them know how actually magic work works. You must identify how this device allows you to make international calls at a much cheap rates. You must also be aware how does the device let you communicate using landline phone through the internet. You must also ask yourself and get to know that whether the software used for magic jack proper functioning are safe and secure for the computer or not. The best way to get the answers of these questions is to become aware about this wonderful product.

VoIP is the technology that converts analog voice data into the digital form by using the internet as the medium of conversion. It then transfers it through the packet data. From the last several years, VoIP is considered as the cheaper alternative for communication as compared to the normal phones. Afterwards, magic jack use VoIP method to give most reasonable phone call rates to the customers. It is done using the company’s landline supplier YMAX.

The device has a small circuit with ROM chip and need to be plugged into USB port where you have already loaded software to start the setup procedure. No software uploading is required on the computer. After your account has been registered and activated, a soft phone is loaded and displayed on the computer screen. It is done so that no one has to face any problem while using the device. Once your phone is connected with the device then you can make the phone calls. You can also store enormous phone numbers and the related contact information. Like the normal phones, you can also view all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. These details can be viewed by the number or name of the person who called you.

There are two reasons of availing the cheap rates phone calls provided by the magic jack. One is that VoIP itself is the cheaper selection than the ordinary telecommunication practices. Being a VoIP device, magic jack also costs much less for the company as well as for the customers. Another reason is that the product utilizes the appropriate marketing strategy on the basis of earned profits and increased revenues sources. The product can manage the financial support of the rates for the customers. 

Benefits of magic jack

If you are still confused or have any kind of doubt in your mind, it is better to search for the device over the web and read the feedbacks and reviews provided by the customers. It is the perfect idea to have understanding and knowledge regarding the device before going to purchase it. It not only gives you great satisfaction but also make you able to use the magic jack with immense ease and comfort. Not only this, you can also use 30-day trial which enable you to get familiar with the process of how to install and use it properly. Try it for 30 days and make sure whether it will be beneficial for you or not. You also get to know about the difference of communication with the ordinary phone calls as well as the calls done through magic jack.

Whatever location you want to generate unrestricted phone calls in US and Canada, you just have to plug your phone wire into the tool and then connect the unit into the USB port of the computer/laptop. No additional software is required on your computer hard disk. It is so, because all the required software is already installed in the magic jack. You do not have to execute any kind of activity. Just pick your phone and dial the desired phone number. 

Another benefit of using this product is its very low charges. Now you do not have to worry about paying the huge bills for making countless call both local and long distances. You can talk freely on the device without being charged highly for the international calls. The normal telephone suppliers generally charge a telephone bill every month along with the extra charges of making international calls. It means every month a huge telephone bill may hinder your monthly financial budget. But using magic jack, you only have to carry out one or more year fixed fees for making endless phone calls in any location of US and Canada. You can easily compare your previous bills from normal phone and you will sure see the great difference in the amount saved by using the device. This amount you can now use for the future expenses.

You can use microphones, speakers, headsets for the calling. It allows you to make a call to and from the phones on both wired and wireless phone networks. No matter what operating system you have in your PC, the device works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Intel based Mac. Not only this, you can also make calls with corded or cordless phones.

There are various websites available that provide the facility of calling via internet. Maximum of the people use Skype for online talk, but if they want to make call on landline or cell phone through Skype they will be charges some money. Free calls are only allowed to the Skype users which mean you can make calls only to another Skype user. But with magic jack, these calls will be free of cost. It offers free calls to landline and cell phones to its customers. Magic jack give you the benefits of calling any person without paying any money. 

Magic Jack Review

It is a simple device that does not cost much money. Whenever you want to have magic jack, you just need to buy the device and register for the service depending on your requirements and choice. You can register for one year or more. Remember once the registration period gets over, you have to spend only recurring cost in order to renewal its service. No other modifications are required and subscription after the registered period allows you to use the phone as before. The internet connection will also remain the same so you do not have to spend more money while renewing the usage plan.

The cost of the phone call through magic jack is low than the call through regular conventional phones. In case, if you are making an international call to the other person who is also using the same device, then the cost will be absolutely free. Also, you do not have to buy an exclusive phone for using this device. An ordinary phone, handset or headphone is enough to connect your computer with it to make your calls. As per the reviews, it is remembered to keep your computer on when using the phone. You can easily make calls from the home, it not only save your cell phone minutes but also enable you to perform personal or business call while sitting at home with great soothe. The reviews are the better way to learn and understand the product before buying the one. 

Reading the reviews on the internet help you to get know that this product really works according to its advertisements. To avoid any kind of hassle and stress later on, it is advisable to talk magic jack customers before purchasing the device for yourself. Get their opinions and experiences with the device to know the actual reality of using the device. Personal talk helps you to eliminate your doubts regarding the usage, pricing or maintenance of the device.

How to buy Magic Jack

Do you have high speed internet connection at your home and want to get rid of monthly phone bills? There is no better way than to buy magic jack at a flat yearly fees. It is a cost-effective way to create both domestic and overseas calls within the price which you can easily afford.

If you are looking to buy magic jack to reduce your monthly expenses of spending hours talking on the phone with family, friends or anyone else, you must consider the use of the device that make you possible to live a stress-free life. Once you find such device, you will examine that now you do not need normal phone any longer. To enjoy the magic jack service for the entire year, you can purchase the device from various websites that offer quality device at the affordable prices. The device can be easily bought online by comparing the features, quality and price of the wide range of these devices. Before making any final decision, it is better to do some research and get the best possible deal. Always remember to buy a product that suits your precise needs.

The main purpose of magic jack launch is to provide sound technological base and to fulfill the promise of deliver the cheap phone talk service to the potential customers. Buy and try this device for yourself is the perfect way to observe whether it could fit your requirements or not. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with the magic jack and do limitless calls for limitless minutes without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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