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Canadian Phone Numbers For The Magic Jack

 Magic Jack now offers Canadian Phone Numbers !!!! This is awesome news. Many of us Canadian’s have been waiting for this FOREVER !!! And IT’S FINALLY HERE !!!!!!! “I Have Three Magic Jack Canada Numbers“ BRITISH COLUMBIA ALBERTA ONTARIO Did you know that when i travel to the USA, …

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Sound Quality

When i got my first magic jack, the big question i had was how is the sound quality. From an expert who has been using magic jack for quite some time now i am proud to say absolutely amazing. The one thing i noticed with the magic jack is if …

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How It Works

How it works. The magic jack is a simple concept. The actual unit uses the internet called VOIP which stands for Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) to send and receive calls. If your confused about the above don’t worry. you do not need to get anything except a computer / …

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Magic Jack Features

The Magic Jack is packed with features of the price you pay. The voicemail feature is one of my favorites. Whenever I get a voicemail the actual recording gets sent directly to my email. This Feature is Included FREE ! Another feature I use a lot is call forwarding. This …

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Initial Setup

[tube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV7IWaPUgtI[/tube] The initial setup is not hard at all. The initial setup will take an estimated 20-45  minutes depending on how fast you click through. The last time i recall calling my phone company to get a home phone line put in it took days before the technician can come …

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